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Reclaim foreign VAT on time!

If you have paid VAT in other EU countries, you can reclaim it from the Belastingdienst. You should do so before October 1, 2021. Do not wait until the last day, September 30, because the portals will very likely be overloaded that day by the many requests. Then it is too bad: the request for a refund has been submitted too late and the VAT cannot be reclaimed.

So, to get this VAT refunded, you will have to submit a request to the Dutch Belastingdienst before October 1, 2021, through the ‘Teruggaaf van BTW uit andere EU-landen’ portal. The tax authorities will then forward the request to the tax authorities in the EU country where you are reclaiming the VAT. The Belastingdiensts experience shows that many entrepreneurs hurry to submit their refunds at the last minute on September 30. As a result, the portal may become overloaded and the application may not reach the Belastingdienst until after September 30. The request can then not be processed because it was submitted too late. Consequently, no refund will be made. To avoid this, the tax authorities recommend that the VAT request be made as soon as possible.

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