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Tax 2021-11

Charging taxes

As an employer you may reimburse the expenses associated with an electric company car to your employees without incurring any tax liability. These expenses include expenses for (the installation of) a charging station. It is very important, however, that you make proper agreements as to how this reimbursement will take place. If an employee has an electric company car, as an employer you may reimburse the associated expenses untaxed. These include, for example, the costs of the charging station and of charging the car. Even reimbursement of the expenses for modifying the meter box in the employee's home and a meter to measure consumption is not liable to taxation. These expenses fall under the reimbursable expenses for the employee's car. Meter box The State Secretary (...)

Substantial reduction of subsidy for buying an electric car

Buyers of a private electric car will, if they meet the conditions, receive a lower amount of subsidy next year than previously indicated. The amount of subsidy will go down from € 3,700 to € 3,350. The subsidy for drivers of private cars will also disappear one year earlier, in 2025 instead of 2026. For the next few years, an additional €90 million in subsidies is earmarked for electric cars. Despite this additional subsidy, the (...)