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Training often mandatory

Research by Motivaction has revealed that for 53% of the 400 organizations involved in the research, the training opportunities made available to employees are dictated by legal or professional requirements. Still, 48% of the organizations does give their employees some freedom to choose what training they want to follow.

Mutual agreement

For 81%, training is determined by mutual agreement between employer and employee. For 18% it is the employer who determines what training is done by whom and for 20% of organizations this is determined by organizational policy. Moreover, training opportunities were also found to be dependent on job position (61%), whether or not they comply with organizational policy (36%) and whether employees were willing to sign a training contract (41%). Over a quarter of organizations was found to not use fixed criteria to determine an employee’s eligibility for a training. And for organizations with a staff of 250 or fewer, over 30% do not use such fixed criteria.

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