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Definitive calculation NOW subsidy

If your organization has applied for one or multiple tranches of NOW subsidy, you must also apply for a definitive calculation of the subsidy amount. This calculation is done for each tranche of the NOW scheme separately. Applications for the definitive calculation of NOW 1.0 subsidy are possible until October 1, 2021. And applications for the definitive calculation of the NOW 2.0 subsidy are possible until January 5, 2022. Applications are filed via a digital application form, which can be downloaded from the website of the UWV (the National Institute for Employees’ Insurance and Regulations). For the completion of this form, you will need to known the revenue your organization made in March, April and May 2020 combined as well as the actual decline in revenue as compared to the similar period in 2019. In some instances, a third-party declaration or auditor’s report is also required.

Wage bill

In the definitive calculation, it will be established based on the actual decline in revenue and wage bill of your organization how much subsidy you are entitled to. Based on this definitive calculation, it is then decided whether you will receive a subsequent payment – if the advance payment already received was too little – or if you will have to pay (part of the) subsidy back – if the advance payment was too much.

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