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Application for SLIM scheme possible

Since September 1, 2021, applications are once again possible for both the SLIM scheme and the ‘NL leert door’ scheme.


It is the last possibility this year for organizations to apply for subsidy through the SLIM scheme. Applications are possible until September 30. Through the SLIM scheme, small and medium-sized enterprises can receive subsidy to cover the costs of development and training activities for their employees. During the first round of applications earlier this year, about two-thirds of all applications were never processed because the subsidy budget reserved for the scheme had been exceeded.

Free of charge

Since September 1, applications are also possible for the ‘NL leert door’ subsidy scheme. This scheme is meant to provide subsidy to trainers and teachers of career development programs, re-training courses, and the like. They can use the subsidy to provide free training and career development courses to both employed and unemployed individuals. Earlier this year, many applications for this scheme could not be processed either for the same reasons as discussed above for the SLIM scheme.

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