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No repayment of WIA benefit advance payments

Together with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, the UWV (the National Institute for Employees’ Insurance and Regulations) has been looking for a solution to the financial problems which sometimes arise when employees apply for a WIA benefit, a benefit regulated by the ‘Wet werken naar inkomen en arbeidsvermogen’ (Work and Income According to Work Capacity Act). Outgoing minister of Social Affairs and Employment has now come forward with a solution.


UWV can opt to pay people an advance payment if they have applied for a WIA benefit but have to wait long for the medical opinion of the UWV’s insurance doctor. The opinion is decisive in establishing eligibility for the benefit. If the application for a WIA benefit is ultimately (partly) declined as a result of the insurance doctor’s opinion, people will have to pay back any advance payments made by the UWV. This can result in financial problems for some people. As a temporary solution, it has now been decided that people who have received too much money in advance payments will not have to pay back the excess. This regulation will remain in effect until the end of 2022. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment has stated they will make sure the regulation will not negatively impact the social premiums paid by organizations.

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