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HRM 2021-10

Options for employers if pension-related costs increase in 2022

Pension premiums to be increased again: what now? This year saw an increase in the monthly premium due for most pension plans. The higher premiums meant the accrual of a pension got more costly for both employers and employees, which could have resulted in fierce discussions within organizations. And pension-related costs are likely to be even higher in 2022, as a further increase in pension premiums cannot be ruled out. What options do you have as employer to cut some of these additional costs? First, it is good to know that it is primarily employees with a ‘middelloonregeling’ (a pension plan where the height of the pension is determined by the average height of a person’s salary in their lifetime) whose monthly pension premium will (...)

Getting businesses back on their own two feet

The cabinet of the Dutch government has announced that the enormous package of financial supports measures implemented in response to the coronavirus pandemic is soon to be discontinued. October 1, 2021 will mark the end of various measures, including the NOW scheme, the TVL scheme and the possibility to request a deferment of due tax payments. Centraal Planbureau, the National Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis, has predicted a substantial growth in the economy. The cabinet (...)