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Welcome to Business Rendement. The only website that publishes the most important developments in Dutch legislation and regulations in the fields of HRMtaxes and payroll administration in clear and understandable English. This makes Business Rendement the ideal knowledge partner for consultants and professionals who in some way have to deal with international or non-Dutch speaking colleagues or customers falling under Dutch law.


Rendement Uitgeverij is a multimedia publishing company of specialized information. An organization with the real Rotterdam mentality where employees work their tail off. With a workforce of sixty, we work hard to provide you with good products and services for your business. And we have been doing that for over 20 years. We currently inform tens of thousands of professionals of the most important law and regulation in their field of expertise. In a clear and accessible way, for a fair price.

At Rendement, we publish specialized magazines, books, online content – such as reference work and tools – newsletters, and we provide training and arrange conferences for professionals in eleven different fields of work. From Human Resource Management to Finance, from Payroll to Working Conditions; we keep you updated on the newest developments in law and regulation. And on important days, such as Prinsjesdag (the third Tuesday in September) when the government policies for next year are announced, we order pizza and work overtime to ensure you will receive the latest news as quickly as possible. And after all that hard work, we have a drink together at the end of the week.


Rendement publishes twenty different specialized magazines in Dutch for different fields of work, containing the latest news, in-depth articles, and tips. These fields are: working conditions, non-profit organizations, boards, finance professionals, HRM professionals, boards and advisors  interested in taxation, managers, payroll administration, and works councils members. Each year, six practical dossiers are published for each field of work, with one theme highlighted. There is also an online database with news, articles, tools, and a help desk for advice. And finally, we organize over 100 training courses and conferences.

All of our products in Dutch can be found on www.rendementshop.nl

HRM Rendement

One of the main themes within Business Rendement is HRM. Give yourself a head start with the most practical information you need as a HRM professional about e.g. working from home, pension system and resignation.

Payroll Rendement

Dutch Tax rules and regulations are very difficult to understand and to explain. Especially for the those who don’t speak Dutch. The second main theme within Business Rendement is Tax. Here you can find tips and advice on e.g. income tax, VAT returns and corporate tax. Explained to you in a very practical way.

Tax Rendement

The third main theme of Business Rendement is Payroll. All practical information regarding e.g. work expenses scheme, gross minimum wage and reimbursements and provisions.



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