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Welcome to Business Rendement. The only website that publishes the most important developments in Dutch legislation and regulations in the fields of HRM, taxes and payroll administration in clear and understandable English. This makes Business Rendement the ideal knowledge partner for consultants and professionals who in some way have to deal with international or non-Dutch speaking colleagues or customers falling under Dutch law.

For only € 10, you can take out a three-month subscription to all relevant news and updates on current affairs in these three fields (regular price is € 199 for a one-year subscruption). And in case you work with more people in the office for whom this information is of any interest, you can contact our customer service for an affordable business subscription.

All of our products in Dutch can be found on www.rendementshop.nl.


One of the main themes within Business Rendement is HRM. Give yourself a head start with the most practical information you need as a HRM professional about e.g. working from home, pension system and resignation.

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Dutch Tax rules and regulations are very difficult to understand and to explain. Especially for the those who don’t speak Dutch. The second main theme within Business Rendement is Tax. Here you can find tips and advice on e.g. income tax, VAT returns and corporate tax. Explained to you in a very practical way.

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The third main theme of Business Rendement is Payroll. All practical information regarding e.g. work expenses scheme, gross minimum wage and reimbursements and provisions.

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